Intelligent labor control for the aquaculture industry


Prime Tecnología S.A., the main technological developer for the agricultural industry, provides the aquaculture sector with its technological tools to control the productivity of its own personnel and those of third parties.

In agribusiness, as a highly people-intensive sector, it is estimated that personnel represent 60% of production costs. This was the basis of the challenge that Agroprime set itself to develop technological tools that would make it possible to advance in labor control.

Since 2011, solving this problem in the agricultural world, Agroprime decides to address the aquaculture sector, considering that there is a lot of similarity in the need to control human resource processes transversally. “Agroprime’s workforce management solution resolves everything from personal and vehicle access control, attendance registration, shift assignment with overtime control, performance and productivity control in different control units (by activity, labor, production time automated, etc), to the pricing and valuation of the deals, both for the company’s own staff and that of the contractors”, says Vicente Silva, CEO of Prime Tecnología SA.

Just by enrolling a worker, it is possible to identify the areas they have visited, as well as their attendance schedules, absenteeism and the performance they have had in the different tasks performed. In this way, the tool makes it possible to quantify the hours and/or units that each worker or work group has carried out; also adding the valuation of these yields, according to the business rules defined for each cost center. Although there are solutions on the market that allow staff to be managed from their incorporation to payroll, “most are focused on calculating monthly salaries, forcing companies to maintain manual control or spreadsheets to manage such a sensitive item such as the calculation of bonuses and daily incentives that arise in production”, clarifies María Victoria Maldonado – Growth & Customer Director of Agroprime.

From the Field to the Crop Centers and Processing Plants Success Story: Océano Sea Foods – PERU

In 2015, Agroprime began an internationalization plan that has allowed it to plant the Chilean flag in different markets, such as: Peru, Argentina, Ethiopia and, soon, it is getting ready to accompany two new clients, with a scope in England, Portugal and United States.

Along this path, an important player in the Peruvian aquaculture market came to the portfolio of Agroprime clients: Océano Sea Foods (OSF), with 1,200 workers, 2 processing plants, located in the North of Peru and 7,000 tons of different species, where the Cuttlefish and the Mahi Mahi represent its largest volume.

For a year now, OSF has been controlling productivity with Agroprime’s workforce management solution, “allowing the digitization of the control of its workforce and optimizing the entry and information processing processes, which meant a lot of manual labor,” says Nicolás Espinosa. – Agroprime PMO Manager.

Finally, Diego Álvarez – KAM from Agroprime tells us that “Agroprime has decided to participate in AQUASURTECH because of the prestige of this event, as an instance to present ourselves in an industry where we have a lot to contribute and learn. Controlling productivity is a key factor in a sector that moves almost 70,000 workers per year, to keep Chile as a world benchmark in the salmon industry”.

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