Digitization in Agriculture – Experience of Cristián Vega- Unifrutti


In 2013 the Unifrutti company began a digital transformation project with great expectations. At that time, this fruit-producing company was experiencing exponential growth, which led them to look for a tool that would help them more effectively manage their challenges and demands.

It was then that they discovered us, at Agroprime we became a strategic partner for Unifrutti. For almost 10 years, we have worked together, facing numerous challenges and achieving important milestones over time.

The process began with the implementation of our agricultural software, focusing on the labor module. This module allowed Unifrutti to access crucial information on labor, hectares and production costs. Over time, the company expanded its use to other modules, thus achieving a comprehensive and robust system that provides detailed reports and helps them make timely decisions, correcting deviations on time.

We invite you to watch the following video with this great testimony of digital transformation:

At Agroprime, we appreciate the collaboration of Unifrutti and its persevering support for innovation, which has allowed us to successfully implement our solutions for the agricultural industry.

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