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SaaS Software Suite for Farm Business Management

Control all the income and costs of your field, to obtain the result for each crop.

Agricultural Know How

Process orientation

Sourcing management


Budgets vs. costs

Management by quarters


Harvest traceability

With the Agricultural Management Software, manage your company’s critical processes through information panels with key indicators.

Get to know all the modules of this suite:

Supply Management

Automate your purchasing flow and better organize your warehouse management with Agroprime’s efficient inventory system.

Supply management

Field notebook

A complete software to keep track of your applications and everything you need to comply with the demanding quality certifications of the fresh produce industry.

Certifications and GAP

Machinery Management

Monitor the use of your machinery and distribute the cost of your work to each quarter. Compare the cost per hour of different machines and optimize the cost per labor.

Machinery management

General Expenses

Record all tax documents and distribute them by cost center or hectare.

Overhead management

Agricultural Cost and Budget

A powerful agricultural costing system at the quarter level for the different cost sources. Easily compare actual versus budget and take your management to the next level.

Budget management

Traceability Harvest

Traceability of each physical lot from harvest pickup to in-plant processing using mobile applications and QR codes.

Traceability and harvesting

Gestión Financiera y Contable

Todas las herramientas administrativas necesarias para ahorrar tiempo y expandir su negocio agrícola. Contabilidad Tributaria y Financiera, multiempresa, multimoneda y por temporada.

Gestión financiera y contable

Use Agroprime Gestión Agrícola

The complete solution to manage your agricultural business

This transactional platform covers all the administrative processes required by the agricultural company.

Centralize all field operational information, control purchases, inventories and distribute your expenses by cost center or hectare.

Control all the income and costs of your field, to obtain results for each crop.

Manage your warehouses, machinery, compare actual costs vs. budget. Identify your most profitable crops


Agroprime has allowed us to significantly improve farm management, detect areas for improvement and generate savings across the board.

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