Workforce Management

Work Be manages workforce, activities and integrates payroll information in a single process

Discover in real team the number of workers working in each production process and the detail of their activities by individual or groups

Mobile access Field performance Reduce payroll cost Staff Control

Organized workforce operation

Work Be is the first solution based on effective workforce management with real time performance indicators

Work Be manages access, attendance, activities and productivity of own or 3rd party labor, controlling large volumes of workers

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Productivity and performance

Efficiently manage large volumes of workers by generating process indicators

Work Be identifies sectors and more productive work groups, delivering strategic information with impact in costs and resources

Ensures efficient management of compensations and incentives based on productivity, time control and absenteeism

Solves high demand of information from the field, reduces payroll cost and explains the performance of each worker, team, farm, packhouse, controlling time and activities

Mobile Apps

Multi Apps platforms

Control on field intensive data processes with a multi-apps holistic platform


Modular and scalable

Work Be integrates tasks and production lines progressively to cover the entire organization

Hosted in Microsoft Azure servers with high availability, security, ISO 27018 standard, geographic redundancy and backup service